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Fostering A Revelation

‘Fostering A Revelation’ is a group of caring individuals at Revel8 Salon who are working with community partners such as; Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, and ‘Stand in the Gap’ to find foster youth who are aging out of the system and may be interested in a future as a hair stylist. ‘Fostering a Revelation’ plans to assist young adults enroll, and pay for hair school. They will also provide professional mentoring throughout each student’s training. Selected students will be invited to participate in Revel8’s private education programs offered right at the salon. Upon graduation from hair school, Revel8 staff will interview the young adults for an intern position within the salon and determine if that particular salon is the best fit for them. If Revel 8 is a good fit, the student will enter into an 18 month internship which would ultimately lead to full time employment within the Revel8 team. If not, ‘Fostering a Revelation’ will assist the student in pursuing a career opportunity that best suits their needs and personality. The ultimate goal of this effort is to give young people not only career training in a thriving industry, but more importantly, to give them positive connections with caring adults.