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Safe Kids Worldwide – Providing useful information for the safety of children

Did you know the leading cause of death in children here in the United States is unintentional injury? Around the world, a child dies from some sort of unintentional accident every 30 seconds and millions more children are injured or affected in ways that will be with them for a lifetime. Not only does this cause a tumultuous time in the child’s life, but also for everyone that is involved in that child’s life. The important thing to remember is that most unintentional accidents are preventable and usually occur in ways that can be avoided with the right education, planning, and awareness.

Safe Kids has partnered with organizations in over 30 different countries and works with 400 different coalitions here in the US alone. Some of the major areas that Safe Kids focuses on are sports, falls, burns, drowning, motor vehicle, and general household safety. Since being founded in 1988 there has been a 60 percent decrease in the unintentional injury rate amongst children 19 years old and younger.

Specific Areas of Focus

  • Home
  • Cars and Roadways
  • Sports and Play

Information Available to Parents

  • Fact sheets
  • Infographics
  • Newsletters
  • Tip sheets
  • Safety research reports
  • Educational Videos

To Learn More

If you would like to learn more about Safe Kids Worldwide you can visit their website at where all of the information discussed above can be accessed. You can also sign up for a monthly newsletter on their website so that the newest and most pertinent information will come right to you. Safe Kids also allows you to find local coalitions that they are associated with in your area by going to their website and using the “Find Your Safe Kids” tool. You can also call their national office in Washington D.C. at 202-662-0600.