About Oklahoma Fosters

Oklahoma Fosters is designed to provide a placement resource that is committed to working with the child’s birth family towards the goal of reunification; and, if reunification fails, foster parents are sometimes committed to parenting the child through adoption.

Oklahoma Fosters is committed to maintaining a permanent connection for the child, the Oklahoma foster family not only provides care for the child, but also acts as a mentor to the child’s birth family.

This approach views foster care as a service provided to the child’s entire family. The families will be willing to accept and agree to visitation and other types of contact with siblings, extended family, and other important people in the child’s life.

On any given day more than 10,000 children in the State of Oklahoma are in OKDHS custody, and approximately over 2,000 of those children are waiting to be adopted. There are children are in foster care because they were removed from their families due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment