The Specialty Program for At-Risk Kids (SPARK!) is a team of licensed Behavioral Health Specialists who provide individualized care management services for at-risk children in state custody or who are in post-adoptive status with continuing OHS adoption services. These risks include but are not limited to placement disruption(s), worsening/increasing behavioral health symptoms, pregnancy, decreased daily living functioning, barriers to reunification or permanent placement, difficulty or lack of sufficient progress with current providers, difficulty obtaining supportive services, and/or adoption disruption or dissolution. The SPARK! specialist staff are clinically licensed in the behavioral health and/or nursing fields and can meet the variety of needs these children experience. Services may include, but are not limited to:  

  • Linkage to contracted Soonercare services  
  • Advocating for the child, foster parent, adoptive parent and/or bio parent when services are difficult to obtain
  • Collaborating with other entities and agencies both state and private, including OHS, OSDH, and ODMHSAS
  • Assisting teens with needed resources related to aging out of the system
  • Monthly BH screenings as indicated
  • Bi-weekly follow up/check ins with child/family