The foster program acts as a catalyst for helping children achieve permanence more quickly while enabling them to maintain connections in their lives.

This program is designed to provide a placement resource that is committed to working with the child’s birth family towards the goal of reunification; and, if reunification fails, is committed to raising/parenting the child.

Committed to maintaining a permanent connection for the child, the foster family not only provides care for the child, but also acts as a mentor to the child’s birth family.

This approach views foster care as a service provided to the child’s entire family. The foster families will meet both foster and adoptive program criteria; come from the same community as the child; and be willing to accept and agree to visitation and other types of contact with siblings, extended family and other important people in the child’s life.

Foster family is a family who may be asked to:

  • Provide temporary care, love, and nurturance to the child and serve as a mentor whose actively helping the parent improve their ability to safely care for their children.
  • Serve as the legal guardian for the child while maintaining the child’s connection to kin, culture, and community.
  • Adopt the child while maintaining the child’s connection to kin, culture and community.
  • To be willing to care for children through foster care, legal guardianship, or adoption.
  • To provide a temporary home for children needing out of home care due to abuse or neglect. Foster families provide a safe and nurturing home and are committed to working with birth families to reunite children with parents.
  • Adopt and provide a permanent placement option for children who have been in foster care. Children are legally free for adoption only after the court has terminated the parental rights.
  • Adopt children who range in age from 0 to 21 and frequently are part of a sibling group that must remain together. More than half of the children in care are children of color. Some of these children have physical, mental or emotional disabilities ranging from mild to severe.

If you are interested in becoming a Foster or Adoptive parent, please contact us using the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Foster & Adoption Inquiry form. You may also call 1-800-376-9729.

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