File a Grievance

The Office of Client Advocacy (OCA) and the Office of Juvenile System Oversight (OJSO) are working together to provide foster parents access to a fair, simple, and timely grievance system.

Grievances can be filed by foster parents approved by the Department of Human Services (DHS) or a child placing agency (CPA). OJSO receives and forwards complaints to OCA for resolution.

Who may file a grievance
Any foster parent approved by DHS or a CPA may file a grievance.
What complaints are considered
Any policy, rule, decision, behavior, or action by a DHS employee or CPA may be the basis of a complaint.
How to file a grievance
A grievance may be filed by using the following website address: or you may contact OJSO at 405-606-4900 or 1-866-335-9288. You have 45 calendar days to file a grievance from the date of incident.
What happens next
OJSO forwards your grievance to OCA. An OCA representative will contact you within two business days of receipt of the grievance and will assist you throughout the process.

Foster parents have a right without fear of reprisal or discrimination to file grievances. Foster parents have a right to receive a written response to your grievance and appeal when you are not satisfied with the resolution. If any person attempts to deny you these rights or causes problems when filing a grievance, contact OCA at 405-522-2720 or 1-800-522-8014 or OJSO at 405-606-4900 or 1-866-335-9288.

Grievance process policies related to the grievance process are located at Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:2-3-45 and 340:2-3-50.