A Foster Family Story

DHS staff can discuss what it is to be a foster family, but that fails to convey what it is really like. Instead, listen to these families. These are the true stories of Bridge families that want to share their experiences with you.

The DHS Foster Program has allowed our family to work with two small children and an inexperienced young mother. As a foster family, we agreed to work through the emotional challenges to provide the children with a loving and stable environment and be a support to this mother.

As a foster family, we absorb the emotional uncertainty to protect the child from being placed in a variety of different foster homes while the biological mother is working her treatment plan.

When the children were placed in our home we knew that there would be risks involved in accepting them in our home and loving them unconditionally with all the love and emotions one should offer a child.

The joy will be seeing a young mother correct the conditions that brought her children into custody and a family being reunified. The most difficult tasks will be letting them go if that time should come. This is the risk that we agreed to take for the children.

All the emotional and difficult challenges we face will be worth it to the children. If for some reason the mom is unable to correct those conditions, the children will remain here with us, and we will adopt them. The kids will continue to have stability and consistency and continue to be connected to the mother through the foster program we have built with her on behalf of her children.

Ken and Sylvia, Foster Family since 2005