Waiting Child Heart Gallery

The Heart Gallery of Oklahoma is a traveling photographic and audio exhibit created to find families for children in foster care. This is the Fourth production of “Waiting Child Heart Gallery” produced in Oklahoma. The last three series toured Oklahoma in 2002 and 2004 and 2006 resulting in over 100 of the featured children being adopted with many more inquiries for adoption.

They are children who need a family…children who are facing challenges. Some of the finest Oklahoma Photographers, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Foundation and NEWS Channel 8 have joined together to bring these young faces to the public.

They love to laugh, learn and be with their friends. Most of all they dream of finding a family to be their own.

While Heart Gallery exhibits have helped raise awareness about adoption through foster care and have found homes for hundreds of children, there are many more who need help. More than 2000 Oklahoma children are waiting for adoption as you read this. They need any and all support you can provide.

To see the children and learn more visit the Heart Gallery website.