Child Behavioral Health Screener

The Oklahoma Trauma Assessment & Service Center Collaborative (OK-TASCC) is a demonstration grant funded through the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Children’s Bureau, (Grant # 90CO1102) on the “Initiative to Improve Access to Needs-Driven, Evidence-Based/Evidence-informed Mental and Behavioral Health Services in Child Welfare” through the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. The goal of this project is to improve the social and emotional well-being of children and youth in the child welfare system and restore their developmentally appropriate functioning. This grant will assist Oklahoma in developing and implementing a comprehensive, integrated and reliable continuum of screening, assessment, and aligned service delivery for children and youth with mental and behavioral health needs. The project will be implemented through a trauma-informed/focused systems approach, aligned with the ongoing trauma work in Oklahoma.

The OK-TASCC selected core services and activities (i.e., early screening, functional assessment, data-driven case management resulting from screening and functional assessments and monitoring through ongoing screening and assessment) will produce increased early detection, and referrals for trauma-informed assessment. The selected screeners, the Child Behavioral Health Screener (CBHS; one for ages birth up to age 4 and one for ages 4-17) will help determine which children should be referred for a mental health assessment (and subsequently, treatment) and which may not need further clinical assessment at the time of screening. By utilizing a screener, DHS can more quickly accomplish the prevention, early detection, and treatment of behavioral and mental health difficulties, which will help mitigate further abuse and neglect. A standardized referral process will be applied system wide to ensure information is shared with service providers and addresses service needs.

The Child Behavioral Health Screen (10 versions for ages birth through 47 months, and 1 version for ages 4-17) can be located on the DHS infonet in the “forms” tab or the DHS internet page under “Library” and then “forms”. You can search via “Child Behavioral Health Screener”, “CBHS”, “Screener”, or form number:

04TA001E     for 1month, 0 days – 3 months, 31 days

04TA002E     for 4 month, 0 days – 5 months, 31 days

04TA003E     for 6 months, 0 days – 8 months, 31 days

04TA004E     for 9 month, 0 days – 11 months, 31 days

04TA005E     for 12 month, 0 days – 14 months, 31 days

04TA006E     for 15 month, 0 days – 17 months, 31 days

04TA007E     for 18 month, 0 days – 22 months, 31 days

04TA008E     for 23 month, 0 days – 28 months, 31 days

04TA009E     for 29 month, 0 days – 34 months, 31 days

04TA0010E   for 35 moth, 0 days – 47 months, 31 days

04TA0011E   for 4 –17 years

Additionally, form, 04TA0012E, Referral for Children’s Services will also be on the forms section on the infonet and internet. It can be searched via the name or “CBHS”.

The CBHS links are intended to be accessed by DHS Permanency Planning Caseworkers and completed with the child(ren)’s caregiver monthly during worker visits.

If you have any problems using the Screener, please contact:

Keitha Wilson, MSW
Project Manager

Katie Morris Henson, LPC, LADC
Mental Health Consultant

Megan Mitchell, MSW
Program Field Representative