Family Support Services Outline

Agency Support

It is our intent to support you in being as successful as possible. Some of the ways that we may support you include regular contact with agency staff, respite (as appropriate), ongoing training, professional development plan, support groups, child care, home visits, team meetings, phone consultation, and a formal process for sharing your concerns.

Resource Family Partnerships

Federal Adoption Tax Credit

The federal adoption tax credit was made refundable for the first time in 2010. Meaning, you can claim it for a refund even if you owe no taxes.

For more information see Federal Adoption Tax Credit.

In-Service Trainings and Support Groups

The Children’s and Family Services Division, contracted agencies, and other community-based organizations offer continuing education and in-service training opportunities to enhance the skills and knowledge of foster parents. Each foster parent is required to complete twelve (12) hours per year of approved in-service training. Agency staff will assist you in locating the training opportunities. There are a number of local and statewide foster and adoptive parent support groups across the state. Parenting associations and agency coalitions are dedicated to supporting and advocating for foster and adoptive families.

Resource lending libraries are available to families across the state of Oklahoma. These libraries include titles pertaining to child development, attachment, family dynamics, and issues related to adoption of children with special needs.

Maintenance Payments

Foster parents receive a monthly foster care reimbursement which helps cover the cost related to caring for the children in their home. Typically, the costs are for the child’s food, clothing, and personal needs. Foster care reimbursement amounts vary depending on the age and identified needs of the child.

For more information see the Oklahoma MasterCard Debit Card program FAQ.

Medical Services

Medical and Dental insurance is provided to children in the State’s custody. When a child in care needs counseling or therapeutic services, the state also provides for those services through a Medicaid provider. We will assist you in identifying a provider.

Respite and Child Care

Respite may be provided to families when temporary care is needed for their foster or adoptive children.

When child care is approved for children who are not school aged or need after-school care, parents can choose the childcare facility for the child as long as it is state licensed/contracted.