Our First Foster Placement

OKDHS staff can discuss what it is to be a foster family, but that fails to convey what it is really like. Instead, listen to these families. These are the true stories of foster families that want to share their experiences with you.

We were called to pick up our first foster placement. We went to OKDHS, signed the necessary papers and were off to the shelter where we picked up two beautiful girls of Native American heritage, 17 months and almost 3.

As shelter staff gathered up their meager belongings, my husband and I noticed immediately that the older child was calling the man “daddy” and the woman “mommy.” These precious little girls had been in and out of care their whole lives with no connection to “mommy” or “daddy.” This only meant man or woman to them.

They stayed with us for eight months. When they left, even though it was difficult, we knew they were healthier emotionally, so we had done what we were supposed to do.

As foster parents, we do not control how long a child may be in our home. Our goal has always been, if the child was in our home one day or one year, when they leave our home, they will be healthier and more equipped to deal with life in the future.

Linda, 13-year Oklahoma foster and adoptive parent