Foster Family Expectations

As a foster family you will be expected:

  • To work cooperatively with DHS in implementing the child’s permanency goal, which includes actively supporting the individualized service plan designed to accomplish the goal of reunification.
  • To work with the child’s birth family through mentoring and role modeling, in order to help in the child’s transition home when reunification is the plan.
  • To involve the child in as many approved visits with the family as possible, including siblings and grandparents, understanding the importance of a child’s relationship to their family.
  • To work to understand and actively maintain the connection to the child’s culture, race and/or ethnicity
  • To help the child maintain connection to other people who are important in the child’s life.

The foster family also understands that:

  • Keeping siblings together and placement with a family member is preferred.
  • DHS is required by law to determine the most appropriate permanency plan that ensures the child’s long-term best interests.
  • When reunification is the primary objective, adoption of the child by the foster family should not be an expectation.
  • There is no assurance that adopting a  particular child, or any child, will be made solely because you are an approved foster family.
  • The child’s permanency plan may change due to the circumstances that develop while the child is placed in the family’s home.
  • DHS is required to contact all relatives of the children in custody to explore their ability to be a support for the family.