Placement #1244B

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14 year old twin brothers
Southwestern Oklahoma
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14 year old twin brothers. One brother is very honest and he enjoys playing video games. He is very sweet and loves his brother. He needs a home that will provide structure and caregivers that will help create normalcy for him and his brother. He needs a home that will help him work through his behaviors and be patient with him. Structure and understanding will be very beneficial traits for the caregivers to have in order for care for him. The other brother is very kindhearted, quick to apologize and admit his fault, and he is very understanding. He needs a home that will help him feel safe and secure. The foster home would need to be patient with him and will need to help him process his emotions in a healthy way. Both brothers report they want a home that will take the both of them and will help them become adults.


Deana Zaccarelli
M – F 8am-9pm

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Expires 29 Dec 2018