Placement #1246B

To Be Placed
A 16 year old boy
Southwestern Oklahoma
More Information

A 16 year old boy. He loves to go to the movies, play video games, and play sports with his friends and working out. He is learning to cook currently and is enjoying it. He would need a home where there is a male role model and a male that is stern with him. He would thrive in a home with a foster dad. He would not do well in a home with two foster moms due to his disrespect that he has shown to women. He is good with animals especially dogs. He would be best in a home where he is the only child.

The foster parent would need to be stern, have structure in the home, be assertive while also being a positive reinforcement, and would need to show the child a lot of attention. He would like a place close to OKC. A home that he can play sports in and be able to work out. A home that will allow him to have a phone and to have contact with his grandma and his family. He would love to have a home with one mom and one dad and would like to have a boy sibling in the home that is around his own age so they can play sports together and hang out with each other.


Michelle Wheat
M – F 8am-9pm

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Expires 12 Apr 2019