Placement #1271D

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A 10 year old boy
Southeastern Oklahoma
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A 10 year old boy. He likes to ride his bikes, play with LEGOs and tinker with things. He likes playing outdoors, going fishing and to feel needed. He has in the past liked helping care for the animals owned by the family. He likes stuffed animals and has a good memory of things that he possesses. He desires a home with dogs, a place to ride his bike and a large yard or country setting. He was in the country once and liked helping outside, fishing and going on the 4 wheeler. He responds best when it is one on one. He stated he would like two parents but he has done well in a one parent home.

He needs structure with short specific instructions. The foster parents will need to be firm and have consistent expectations and use positive reinforcement. The parents would need patience and realistic views of how children exposed to trauma behave and consistency in rules and boundaries. He stated he wants an adoptive home that will do things with him and for him. He does not care if it was two parents or one parent. He said he wanted to be an only child but he also would like children to play with. He wants a home that will keep him forever but let him see his siblings. He wants a home with a dog that gives puppy kisses and room to ride his bikes and scooter.


Ashley Craig
M – F 8am-9pm

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Expires 11 Jul 2019