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13 Year old boy and his 12 year old sister
Southeastern Oklahoma
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13 year old boy and his 12 year old sister. 13 year old boy and his 12 year old sister. The brother especially loves playing Xbox and PlayStation video games.  He loves eating at McDonald’s. He would do well in a two parent home that is structured and has pets.  He will need a little extra attention and guidance. He would thrive in a foster home with patience and understanding foster parents and that will use a lot of positive reinforcements.  They will also need to be assertive. He stated, “I would like to be in a home with someone I know, but if I don’t know them, someone nice and that has dogs and animals”.  His sister also loves dogs.  She likes to go shopping.  She enjoys playing games, Xbox and PlayStation. She enjoys watching TV. She would do well in any setting (town, country).  A 2 parent home would be great for her. The foster parent(s) need to have structure, routine and patience.  A lot of positive reinforcement would be good for her.  She really wants to be placed with her brother. She could use extra attention and guidance. She would like to be in the Muskogee area to visit her family.  She would like a home with dogs or any animals.  She desires to be placed with her brother.


Alaina Johnson-White


M – F  8am-9pm

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Expires 14 Apr 2019