Placement #1676A

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A 12 year old boy
Northwestern Oklahoma
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A 12 year old boy. He enjoys action movies such as super hero movies. He loves to play basketball and is a very good ball handler for a kiddo of his age. He hopes to play in the NBA when he grows up and loves to watch Thunder Basketball. He also enjoys playing video games.  He loves to listen to music and will often sing along with the songs.  He enjoys playing board games as well tossing around a football outside. He really likes Chinese food and has recently found a love for IHOP restaurant.  He would do best in a home with a strong male influence as he tends to respond better to the males than the females. It would be best for him to not have any other children in the home at this time. He would like a family that is active and would enjoy going to sporting events.  He does better when he is surrounded by positive influences. The foster home would need to be structured and consistent so he would know what is expected out of him.  He needs a foster home that would provide positive feedback; one that is optimistic and understanding. He needs a foster home that will be patient with him and offer him the support he so desperately needs. “I want a home with a mom and dad. I also want a home that has kids, a boy and a girl.  Either older or younger, it doesn’t matter.  I want someone that will take me to do sports things and family things such as fishing”


Tami Bittle


M – F  8am-9pm

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Expires 09 May 2017