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A 14 year old girl.
Southwestern Oklahoma
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A 14 year old girl. She enjoys action and fantasy movies like Harry Potter and John Wick She also enjoys reading and watching Japanese Anime/Manga. She loves reading novels like Harry Potter, Tokyo Ghoul, and other Manga/Anime. She will thrive in both rural and non-rural areas, with both single and non-single parents. She would not mind having pets in the foster home. She is a child who loves adventure and exploring, but is also introverted and enjoys spending time alone reading, drawing, and watching anime. She would do well in a foster home that is understanding, structured, adaptable, has a consistent schedule, and assertive when setting rules. She is very easy going, loves to laugh, has an open mind, seeks adventure, can also be introverted. She has a positive outlook on life.


Kayla Pacheco
M – F 8am-9pm

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Expires 05 Jul 2019