Placement #1891B

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A 15 year old boy
Southwestern Oklahoma
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A 15 year old boy. He is a sweet and caring young man. He is mild mannered and respectful. He participated in his school’s ROTC program and loves going to school daily. He enjoys adult interactions and helping out in any way he can.

He likes movies, video games, and track. His favorite foods are spaghetti, hamburger helper, green beans, and queso. He would thrive in a home with loving, affectionate, and understanding caregivers. He enjoys track and field, playing video games, watching YouTube, talking to friends, and playing with his wrestling action figures. The foster home would need structure, accepting, understanding, and positive reinforcement. He reported he is looking for a home that understands his needs and abilities. I am looking for a family that will accept me for who I am, and who will be loving and caring to me.


Andrea Calfy
M – F 8am-9pm

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Expires 08 Feb 2019