Placement #1932B

To Be Placed
A 16 year old boy
Southwestern Oklahoma
More Information

A 16 year old boy. He loves anime, drawing, video games, and the outdoors. He wants to learn how to draw anime. He desires to learn how to be more independent. Child would do best in a home with no pets. He would likely do best with older children or children his own age. He loves living out in the country.

A foster home with a lot of patience and being understanding and adaptable is important. He would not do well in a home with a family that will be super restrictive on his video games or anime. They would also need to allow him to have his space if he requests it. He does needs rules and consequences, but he is not a child that would do well in a home that is too ridged or strict.

He needs a family willing to work with him. He would need a family that would understand he cares about them without him showing it in the traditional way a child would. He reported he would want a family that had other teenage boys there. He said he would be fine with being the only child too, but to have other people to play games with would be nice. He stated he would listen to all of the rules of a foster home.


Christina Dawson
M – F 8am-9pm

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Expires 28 Feb 2019