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A 17 year old girl
Central Oklahoma
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A 17 year old girl. She likes to write stories, poems, and listening to music- specifically older country music. Her favorite subject in school is world history and least favorite is math- not that she can’t do it, just not her favorite. She is excited to go back to school and wants to be a nurse. She would prefer to live in the city. She is ok with pets and does not have a preference as to the make-up of the family (mom/ dad/ etc).

She likes doing extracurricular activities- basketball, working. She has been employed at Braum’s before and earned her own money cleaning houses. She describes herself as outgoing, positive, caring, responsible, and determined. She would like someone who understands of her past and current situation and someone willing to give her a fresh start. She will thrive in an environment where the caregivers are involved with her life and invested in her (making sure her hair was done, letting her do extra activities at school, etc).

She just wants a home with “positive vibes,” food, just someplace that will meet her basic needs and be normal. She said she doesn’t require anything high maintenance.


Jayme Howard
M – F 8am-9pm

Inquiry Number
Expires 29 Dec 2018