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A 15 year old boy.
Central Oklahoma
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A 15 year old boy. He enjoys basketball, fishing, riding bikes, video games, and football. He is very kind and he has an enjoyable personality. He is very competitive with his peers when playing basketball. He enjoys movies as well. He is very quiet and reserved at times. He would thrive in a metro area. He likes to wear jewelry, listen to music, and typical teenage things. He would thrive in a home where there are two parents. He would do well in an environment that allows him to be himself. He is very quiet at times and likes to speak when he gets ready to. He would need a home with structure, understanding, encouragement, second chances, and accepting of his style and ways. He needs proactive foster parents who will advocate for his success.


Jayme Howard


M – F  8am-9pm

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Expires 11 Mar 2019