Placement #4909921

To Be Placed
A 7 year old boy
Central Oklahoma
More Information

A 9 year old boy. He can be very energetic. He likes to laugh and to make people laugh. He can be very sweet. He likes to play video games. He likes to dance. He enjoys playing basketball and football. He would thrive in a home with two parents. He would benefit from some type of male authority. The home would need to have structure, although he does not like structure it is critical to helping him with his behaviors. He needs a home that understand traumas and how to cope with behaviors. He will need to be praised for great things that he does so that his strengths can be built upon. The foster home would need to be willing to engage in services with him and also utilize therapeutic techniques learned in therapy.


Jayme Howard
M – F 8am-9pm

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Expires 10 Nov 2018