Placement #972D

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A 14 year old boy
Southeastern Oklahoma
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14 year old boy. He is a very social individual. He likes to stay in contact with friends and family. He also likes to play video games and the use of any electronics such as computers and cell phones. He enjoys being able to ride a bicycle or walk to places that are in close proximity of his residence; therefore a larger town or city would be his preference.  He loves animals so a home with pets would not be deterrence. He would need a home that would be flexible and accepting to his need of private space.  He would need to be in place with rules to ensure his safety of free will and independence. He needs positive reinforcement and foster parents that are optimistic and can see the positive qualities and not dwell on the negative. According to the child, “I want a home where I will be accepted for who I am and not be so strict that I can’t do anything.  I’m able to take care of myself but I would like someone there for me to talk to when I need encouragement.”


Randee Porter


M – F  8am-9pm

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Expires 07 Apr 2019