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A 10 year old boy
Central Oklahoma
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A 10 year old boy. He loves basketball, baseball, music, arts, and video games. He can be helpful and very good with very small children. He can be very sweet and respectful. He is not really a picky eater. Recently, he has been working on using his coping skills to help him throughout the day. The foster home needs to be a small family type, preferred with no other children, and a family who like to go on outings and participate in activities, so he can receive a lot of attention. The home needs to have structure, assertive, accepting, proactive, understanding, and patient. He wants a place where he is the only child where he can “relax” and be “active” at the same time. He would like to have attention.


Jayme Howard
M – F 8am-9pm

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Expires 06 Jun 2019