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sibling group of 5 children together. The children are an 8 year old sister, 7 year old sister, 3 year old brother, 2 year old brother, and a 1 year old sister
Northwestern Oklahoma
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The 8 and 7 year old sisters are energetic and imaginative. They are both helpful around the house, like to draw, play video games, and watch Youtube videos to learn how to make different things. The 3 year old brother is a happy, healthy little boy who loves to play with his toys. The 2 year old brother can be sweet and loving. He loves to play and be held by his caregiver. The 1 year old sister is also a happy, healthy toddler. She is on target developmentally and loves to crawl around the house. Right now, her hair is growing in perfect pig tails. All of the children have normal, age appropriate behaviors. These brothers and sisters need to be in a home together


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(405) 343-3690
Monday through Friday between 8 am and 9 pm

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Expires 08 Apr 2018