Oklahoma MasterCard Debit Card FAQ

Oklahoma MasterCard Debit Card SMART for You Foster Care Program Frequently Asked Questions about the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Oklahoma MasterCard Debit Card program.

Q.  What is the Oklahoma debit MasterCard?
A.  Your monthly foster care maintenance payments will be transferred electronically into an account from which you can access your money at any Automated Teller Machine (ATM) displaying the MasterCard brand mark.  In addition, you can make purchases wherever the card is accepted, at more than 53,000 merchants worldwide.  This card is a debit card, not a credit card; you will be using your own money from foster care maintenance payments deposited on your behalf.

Q.  Is direct deposit an option for receiving payments?
A.  Yes, if you wish to enroll in direct deposit you may request a direct deposit form from your worker, complete the form and return it with a voided check to the address listed on the form.  If you have additional questions after submitting the form, including verification of your enrollment in direct deposit, you may contact your worker or contact the MasterCard Help Desk at 1-888-401-9843.

Q.  How can the debit MasterCard be used?

  • To make purchases;
  • To access your money through Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • To get cash back from merchants;
  • To pay bills, and for online, phone and mail orders;

The amount of purchases or cash withdrawals is automatically deducted from the available funds on the card.  Upon request, you may also receive a free, 60-day report of your account activity.  If you have access to a computer, you can access your account information online free.

Q.  Will the card say anything about foster care?
A.  No.  The Oklahoma debit MasterCard has the word “Oklahoma” across the front and resembles a credit card.  Nothing on the card indicates that the funds on the card are for monthly foster care maintenance payments.

Q.  My credit is bad.  Can I still sign up for the debit MasterCard?
A.  Yes.  While the debit MasterCard looks like a credit card, it is not a credit card.  Our contractor will not deny a card based on a customer’s credit history.

Q.  What choice is best for me?
A.  The best choice for you depends on your situation.  Both direct deposit and the debit card provide many of the same benefits.  There are no checks to get lost or stolen, the money is available to you as soon as it is deposited, and your payments will not be interrupted if you move.  There are no charges or fees for receiving your funds by direct deposit; however, you will need to open a bank account to do so if you don’t already have one.  Normal banking charges may apply, so check with your bank.  Some ATMs charge transaction fees.  You will receive information by mail explaining these fees.  Tips on how to use the debit MasterCard without fees will be provided to you when you receive your card.

Q.  How do I know if a monthly foster care maintenance payment has been issued to me from OKDHS?
A.  Check your account by computer at www.eppicard.com, or contact our automated Voice Response System (VRS) at Affiliated Computer Services.  You may also sign up to be notified by e-mail, telephone or mail when a payment has been deposited.

Q.  When will by money be available on my debit MasterCard?
A.  Funds are posted to your debit card at 12:01 a.m. on the date of availability, that is the date that OKDHS has determined payment should be made.  OKDHS staff will not be able to help you with questions related to the availability of funds on your card.  There is a MasterCard Help Desk available to assist you and the number can be found on the back of your card.

Q.  How do I know if money is available on my debit MasterCard?
A.  To find out if a payment was deposited into your debit card account or to find out your card account balance, you can access your account online at www.eppicard.com or call the MasterCard Help Desk toll-free any time, day or night.  YOU are allowed 5 free calls per month to the MasterCard Help Desk, after that the call is $0.85 per call.  You may access account information at www.eppicard.com anytime and always without a charge.

Q.  Are fees taken out of my total monthly payment?
A.  Yes.  Your monthly foster care maintenance payment will be reduced by any fees incurred.

Q.  Do I get a new card every time payment is due?
A.  No.  All future foster care maintenance payments will be automatically deposited to the initial card received.  If the card is ever lost or stolen, a new card will be sent, but you will be charged a $4 replacement cost.  Subsequent payments will automatically go to the new card, along with any remaining balance on the old card at the time the previous card is reported as lost or stolen.

Q.  What do I need to do when I receive the debit MasterCard?
A.  After receiving the card in the mail, you must call the number provided on the card to activate it.  At the time of activation, the customer must choose a PIN number.  These details will be provided with the card when it is mailed to you.

Q.  Is the cardholder able to make deposits to the card?
A.  No.  Only OKDHS can make deposits to the card.

Q.  Can the cardholder have a second card for another individual, such as a family member?
A.  Yes.  You many contact the MasterCard Help Desk and request a secondary cardholder application.  Once the form has been completed and mailed back to the address on the form, a card will be mailed to the secondary cardholder.  You are responsible for all fees and charges made by the secondary cardholder.

Q.  What happens if a cardholder decides to switch to direct deposit?
A.  The cardholder must expend any remaining funds on the Oklahoma MasterDebit Card.  Funds cannot be transferred from the card to your bank account.

Q.  Do tribal foster parents have access to the debit card or direct deposit?
A.  Yes.  All child welfare or tribal foster parents who are paid by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services must select the debit card or direct deposit to receive their monthly foster care maintenance payment.

Q.  What if I receive my adoption assistance payments through direct deposit, can I have my foster care maintenance payments go to the debit card?
A.  No.  You will continue to receive payments through direct deposit.

Q.  My spouse receives adoption assistance payments on a debit card, but I receive the foster care maintenance payments in my name.  Do the payments go to my spouse?
A.  No.  You select either the debit card or direct deposit method.

Q.  What happens if I decide to quit fostering?
A.  Make sure you keep your debit card in case you ever re-open your home.


S – Safe and Secure. No lost or stolen checks.
M – Manage your money. Easy to track your money online.
A – Available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.
R – Reliable
T – Talk to us. Call 1-888-401-9843 if you have questions about the Oklahoma
MasterCard Debit Card Program

(This number is for inquiries regarding the MasterCard program only)