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On behalf of the state of Oklahoma and Oklahoma Human Services, thank you for your consideration to become a foster parent. Your desire to share your love and home with children will create stability that will last a lifetime.

One of the first decisions to make is what agency you would like to work with while serving as a foster parent. Foster care services are provided by Oklahoma Human Services and private agencies. Oklahoma Human Services and their agency partners do an excellent job serving the foster families and children in care, but each have unique differences that suit an array of individual needs. You have the ability to study these agencies and see which agency fits your needs, personality and lifestyle the best. This is an important decision, and we encourage you to research each agency that interests you, including Oklahoma Human Services. Each agency can provide answers to any questions you have about the services they provide to foster families.

Not everyone can become a foster parent, but everyone can do something! Visit Raise Awareness to access tools to raise awareness for foster care and encourage involvement in your community. Whether you have a few minutes, hours, weeks or more, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved!

Agencies: All Counties / All Types

  • Youth & Family Services.

    Youth and Family Services

    YFS has been serving our community for over 45 years, and we offer extensive services to our YFS foster families. We will walk you through the approval process and help you navigate the system as you advocate for a better future for the children in your care. We provide resources, training, support groups, respite care, and counseling. These children need stability and consistency, so we take care to get to know your family and can connect you with the best possible placement, leading to the best outcomes for our community’s most vulnerable population. We have a high satisfaction and retention rate, and we are available to support our families 24/7.