Mutual Consent Voluntary Registry

The Mutual Consent Voluntary Registry is a registry established by the Oklahoma Human Services for adult adoptees and individuals separated from birth family members through termination of parental rights proceedings. It allows these individuals and their birth family relatives to indicate their willingness to have their identity and whereabouts disclosed to one another.

If an adoptee and one of his birth family members both register, a “match” between the adoptee and a birth family member can result in a reunion. The same applies to individuals and their relatives separated by a termination of parental rights proceeding. Adoptees can also request their non-identification summary by signing up on the Mutual Consent Voluntary Registry.

In the State of Oklahoma adoption records are sealed, which does not allow disclosure of any identifying information from an adoption record or the actual documents. However, the registry does allow adoptees to request non-identifying information, which provides a summary of the medical and social history contained in the adoption record. OKDHS does not have records of all adoptions in the State of Oklahoma. Therefore, staff review every inquiry prior to signing up on the registry in order to determine if the agency has a record for the adoptee.

Reunion Registry Eligibility Inquiry

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Confidential Intermediary Search Program

An additional service of the Mutual Consent Voluntary Program is the Confidential Intermediary Search Program. Oklahoma Human Services administers a search program that allows individuals who were separated from their birth family members through adoption and termination of parental rights proceedings in Oklahoma to have a confidential intermediary search for members of their birth family.

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