Helpful Tools

View a list of outside resources that my be beneficial to you as a foster family.

Exclusive Benefits

View a list of community services and products that are being offered to you at a discount or complimentary because of your tremendous compassion to the children in state care.

Foster Parent Training

Learn about training requirements, including ways to obtain training credits, verification, a list of online training, support groups, and a suggested reading list.

Support Groups

There are several foster family support groups throughout Oklahoma. Find one near you!

Family Meeting Descriptions

Learn more about the types of family meetings, their purpose, who should attend, and what should occur during the meeting.

Visitation Best Practices

Regular contact with the birth family of your foster children is always highly encouraged. Learn more about visitation best practices, including issues that should be explored before the visitation, how to prepare the children, how to prepare siblings, and more.

Financial Support

Learn about maintenance payments, medical services, and daycare subsidies.

Travel Claims

Watch a how-to video on travel claim processing.

File a Grievance

The Office of Client Advocacy (OCA) and the Office of Juvenile System Oversight (OJSO) are working together to provide foster parents access to a fair, simple, and timely grievance system.

Learn about who may file a grievance, what complaints are considered, how to file a grievance, and what happens after a grievance has been filed.