Support Services

Maintenance Payments

Foster parents receive a monthly foster care reimbursement which helps cover the cost related to caring for the children in their home. Typically, the costs are for the child’s food, clothing, and personal needs. Foster care reimbursement amounts vary depending on the age and identified needs of the child.

For more information see the Oklahoma MasterCard Debit Card program FAQ.

Medical Services

Medical and Dental insurance is provided to children in the state’s custody. When a child in care needs counseling or therapeutic services, the state also provides for those services through a Medicaid provider. We will assist you in identifying a provider.


A child care subsidy is provided to foster families who meet the guidelines in policy 340:75-7-65 Child Care and Supportive Services for the Resource home.

Therapeutic child care services are paid by DHS when recommended by a mental health professional and supporting documentation is provided per policy OAC 340-75-8-8(13).

These requests must include:

  1. therapeutic justification in the child’s treatment plan of daily child care outside of the child’s TFC placement home;
  2. justification for the TFC parent’s need for child care outside of the child’s TFC placement home;
  3. ability of child care staff or the child care provider to meet the child’s emotional and behavioral needs and all problems;
  4. availability of the TFC parent and TFC contractor staff to respond to behavioral needs and all problems at the child care environment;
  5. verification of the child care center’s licensing status, star ratings, and adult-to child ratio, per OAC 340:75-7-65(a)(4)(A);
  6. proposed weekly schedule for child care utilization; and
  7. planned length of use of child care as a service component of the child’s treatment plan

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