Office of Client Advocacy

The Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) Office of Client Advocacy (OCA) works in partnership with the Oklahoma Commission of Children and Youth (OCCY) Office of Juvenile System Oversight (OJSO) to ensure that foster parents have easy access to a grievance process that is fair, effective, and efficient. The OJSO hosts the website where foster parents file their grievances, and OCA processes the grievances through its Foster Care Ombudsman (FCO) program.

Foster parents have the statutory right to file grievances without fear of retaliation or discrimination. If any person attempts to deny a foster parent this right or otherwise acts to block the filing of a grievance, contact OCA at 405-522-2720 or 1-800-522-8014. Foster parents have a right to receive a written response to their grievance and to elevate their concerns if not satisfied with a proposed grievance resolution.

Who can file a grievance?

Any foster parent approved by OKDHS or a child placing agency (CPA) may file a grievance. Kinship placements can file grievances, regardless of whether their certification is complete.

What complaints are considered?

Generally, any action or inaction of OKDHS or CPA employees is grievable. Additionally, the content or application of any policy or rule, whether written or unwritten is generally grievable. If a complaint contains something that is not grievable, the FCO or staff will assist the foster parent in accessing the appropriate resource.

How is a grievance filed?

All grievances are filed through the website hosted by OJSO, which can be found at Oklahoma Foster Parent Voices website. Any foster parent who needs assistance with the website or who would rather file their grievance orally can contact OCA at 405-522-2720 (800-522-8014) or OJSO at 405-606-4900 (866-335-9288).

How soon does a grievance have to be filed?

To be considered timely, a grievance must be filed within 45 calendar days of the date of the incident.

Once a grievance is filed, what should a foster parent expect?

When a grievance is submitted, the FCO program is notified. Staff will contact the foster parent within two business days to answer any questions and to provide additional information about the process.

Policies related to the foster parent grievance process can be found at Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:2-3-45 and 340:2-3-50.

In addition to handling grievances, the FCO program processes investigations of foster parent retaliation complaints. The program also provides training sessions to foster parents on a variety of topics. Finally, the FCO assists foster parents informally by providing information about and connections with a variety of helpful resources.”

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