Intensive Treatment Family Care

The Intensive Treatment Family Care (ITFC) program provides treatment for children aged 6-18 who have experienced multiple placements in various settings, but can be successfully served in a family setting. These children have experienced trauma and may have behavioral, medical, developmental and/or intellectual challenges.  A child served by the ITFC program needs to be placed with a family, but will require more specialized therapeutic services to enhance his or her well-being. The child must meet medical necessity criteria as established by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority for ITFC admission and be able to cognitively participate in and benefit from therapy.

ITFC families will learn how a child’s experiences impact his or her feelings, relationships and needs.  These families will develop skills to:

mother being hugged by her foster child.

A family interested in ITFC can expect to have only one child placed in their home at a time and must make a six to nine month commitment to the program.  At least one adult must be a stay-at-home parent.  A family will participate in an interview process to ensure they will be successful in the program.

Private agencies work alongside DHS to support the ITFC program. This includes efforts to help a child heal so he or she can be successful in all aspects of life.

An ITFC family receives a number of additional supports to help a child succeed in their home including:

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