Specialized Foster Care

Specialized Foster Care (SFC) serves children and adults aged four years and older who have a primary diagnosis of intellectual disabilities and qualify for Developmental Disabilities Services. For more information, call the foster parent hotline, 1-800-376-9279.

It takes a special person to open their home to a child with special needs and provide the love and extra support for them to thrive.

DHS provides many supports to individuals who choose to foster a child with special needs including:

  • Specialized Training
  • Medical Consultations
  • Specialized Therapies
  • Mental Health Supports
  • Medical, Dental Care and Supplies covered by Medicaid
  • $54 per day reimbursement*
  • $480 per month housing allowance

*Reimbursement and housing are subject to change depending on needs of the child

Specialized foster homes receive supports including: respite, medical, therapy, access to a crisis line, training and other resources. Reimbursement rates for foster care are based on a per-day rate, and are subject to change, and vary based on specific child needs. Specialized Foster Care rates are $54 per day as well as $480 per month for room and board.

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