Therapeutic Foster Care

Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) serves children aged 3 through 18 with special psychological, social, behavioral and emotional needs who thrive in a family setting, but require more intensive or therapeutic services than those for traditional foster care. Below is a list of agencies that support TFC. Some agencies may provide support to both TFC and traditional foster care homes.

The Bair Foundation

Since 1967 The Bair Foundation has served children and families in crisis through foster care, adoption, and family services.

Choices for Life

Choices for Life is dedicated to affecting positive change in families and children with special needs.

Eckerd Connects

An established leader that has assisted nearly 200,000 children since 1968, Eckerd Connects helps public and private organizations by sharing best practices and advocating for system reform.

Oklahoma Families First

Oklahoma Families First agency is working to build brighter futures for Oklahoma families.

 Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health System

Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health System offers behavioral health care services for children, adolescents, and adults. They treat a wide range of mental health issues including depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, anxiety, PTSD,  and more.

Wesleyan Youth, Inc.

Originally a boy’s home in Oklahoma City, Wesleyan Youth, Inc. contracts with DHS to provide Traditional Foster Care and Therapeutic Foster Care.