Therapeutic Foster Care

The Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) program assists school-aged children who have unique life experiences that require enhanced patience, structure and an understanding of each child’s individual needs. Children in this level of care require more specialized therapeutic services to enhance their wellbeing.

TFC families must be open-minded and willing to understand that these children come from hard places with behaviors that are an attempt to meet a need. The TFC program seeks dynamic families who are encouraging, flexible, empowering, committed, and can provide a nurturing family environment.

Six private agencies work alongside DHS to support the TFC program. This includes efforts to help children heal so they can transition to traditional-level foster care.

Therapeutic foster families receive a number of additional supports to help children succeed in their home including: arranged respite care, medical insurance for the children, counseling services, access to 24/7 crisis response, trauma-informed training and other supportive resources.

Reimbursement rates for therapeutic foster care are based on a per-day rate, starting at a minimum of $32 per day with additional financial reimbursements and benefits.

Choices for Life

Choices for Life Foster Care and Counseling was founded in Oklahoma in 1996 and is dedicated to affecting positive change in families and children who have come from difficult circumstances. Choices for Life serves families and children by providing 24 hour support, counseling services, and regular respite within a network of professional parents in all regions of the State.

Eckerd Connects

An established leader that has assisted nearly 200,000 children since 1968, Eckerd Connects helps public and private organizations by sharing best practices and advocating for system reform.

Homebased Services & Resources

Foster parents who join our team receive a number of benefits including free upfront training, one-on-one guidance from our friendly office staff, frequent contact from our professionals, and constant availability. You are never alone!

Oklahoma Families First

Oklahoma Families First agency is working to build brighter futures for Oklahoma families.

YouthCare of Oklahoma

Therapeutic Foster Care services are behavioral health services provided in a home setting by a team of professionals including foster parents, DHS and therapists.