Fostering Special Needs Children

Specialized Foster Care (SFC) provides family living arrangements for children in state custody who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

  • People who receive SFC services have needs that may require lifelong support and care. SFC is intended to be a nurturing, stable family environment that provides a healthy and long-term home for the person receiving SFC services.
  • In order to assure the safety and well-being of the individuals we serve, Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) requires Specialized Foster Parents and their homes to meet policy requirements for background checks, financial stability, training, caregiver health, home safety conditions, etc.
  • DDS staff will assist you with the entire process. Most of the required training is free; however there are a few low cost classes that providers attend at their own expense.
  • Experience in caring for others is an asset, but not a requirement. SFC parents are people from all different ages, races, income levels, marital status and backgrounds.
  • They are people like you who care about others and have a desire to work with children who have disabilities. Many of these children need help to develop daily living skills, cope with anxiety, and build new strategies for managing stress.