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father and son making breakfast.

Youth Crisis Mobile Response

The Youth Crisis Mobile Response is a statewide mobile response alternative that connects children and families to supports that impact safety, permanency, and well-being.

infant girl.

Make Baby’s Room Safe

Every home is different, and no checklist is complete and appropriate for every household, however use this checklist to help ensure that the bedrooms in your home are safer for your child.

child playing in water.

It Only Takes a Moment

Anyone watching children who are in, on or around water must understand that drowning happens quickly and suddenly.

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Information Sharing Guide

Information DHS can share with foster families Abuse and neglect allegationsReasons children are in custody; specifics help foster parents understand child behavior Social history …

foster siblings reading book

The Lifebook Movement

A lifebook chronicles a child’s life and connects them to the rest of their history and family traditions. Lifebooks also help children understand their …