Travel Claims Information

DHS reimburses travel mileage for:  

  • 4 trips per month with a minimum of 26 miles 
  • Travel to bio parents visits, sibling visits and if the child must go to court 

DHS does not reimburses travel mileage for:  

  • Visits to attorney’s office, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends 
  • Medical appointments – this is paid through Sooner Ride 


  • Pays for all medical travel including DNA testing 
  • Foster parent must call 1-877-404-4500 at least three business days before the medical appointment to make a reservation
  • Will not pay for travel already completed.  Prior authorization is required 

Vendor/Payee Form

The foster parent must be in the travel claim finance system before a claim will get paid.  The PP worker will fill out the top portion of the page, then the foster parent will complete the remainder of the form. The social security number must be in both places as requested on the form.  The PP Worker will be the one responsible to send the form back once completed to

Blank Travel Claim Form

Fill this form out completely and be sure to include the KK#, SS#, address of the visit, purpose of the visit and child’s name. The form must be signed by the foster parent and the worker’s supervisor. The PP worker is responsible to ensure the information is correct then the PP worker sends the completed form to


Allow 8-10 weeks for processing a claim.  If the claim is over 90 days, it can take 10-12 weeks to process as additional signatures will be required.